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Jesus Christ was married

Have you heard that Jesus of Nazareth was married and had a family, as was expected of the rabbis (teachers) of his time?

Do you think, as we do, that this fact does not in any way affect his divinity and the role and act of our salvation?

You can find more about this topic in the sectionHISTORY AND TRADITIONon our website.

Foto z letošní Velikonoční bohoslužby

A prayer for peace

Almighty God, blessed be Your holy name forever and ever.

In Your infinite goodness, You have given free will to every person

and endless possibility to create.

Thanks to this, we take credit for our decisions and actions

to shape our destiny and the destiny of the whole world.


awaken and strengthen in every man, the LIGHT of wisdom and charity,

that through Your gifts we may recognize

that we are all - without exception - responsible for peace in the world and for our future.

Grant us the purity of courage, love and charity,

so that we can see Your beloved child in every person.

May we always be able to forgive our mistakes

even the mistakes of our neighbors.

And that we always look for the good in each other, Your LOVE and Your LIGHT.

lead us

to work continuously and humbly on all of this

and they prayed tirelessly for it.

help us

that our deeds reflect Your will, mercy and Your infinite LOVE.

So that we may glorify Your name.

Virgin Mary, Holy Mother of Jesus Christ, Queen of Angels.


spread the protective mantle of Thy motherly love over the world,

so that under him - in eternal peace - one great human family is united.

help the nations

that as one great community,

responsibly, wisely and in complete love

they strove for peaceful, peaceful and harmonious development of the world and every person

with support, protection and blessing

to our beloved Father,

jesus christ,

Virgin Mary,

Holy Spirit,

angels and all saints.

As it was in the beginning, so is it now and forever.


A prayer for God's grace

Lord, You are kind and powerful.

You are unique and alive.

You watch over me all the time

even if I don't deserve it.

Praise be to Jesus, You are Lord.

Lead me, Lord, to those whom I am to help.

Let them rise up and call on Your name, O Lord.

Let those who love You arise,

who seek You and who trust You.

Let them rise.

Let them arise, O Lord.

We need multitudes of believers,

who are not ashamed of Your words.

We need multitudes of believers, O Lord,

who are ready to follow You,

to heed Thy word and praise it.

Let them arise, O Lord!

Let them rise.

I pray for harmony among all who love You.

I pray that you will open their eyes

that they may see and understand the truth of Your words, O Lord.

Keep Your protective hand over us and guide us.

I pray for a generation

that will bring light to this world.

Which will not bend under any pressure

and will courageously stand for his faith.

Let them arise, O Lord, therefore,

to proclaim that Jesus Christ suffered for our salvation.

Let there be multitudes of believers,

who are ready to fight for You with a word,

love you from the bottom of my heart

and to value Your words.

Lord, call us to battle

to elect You as King of Kings and Lord of Lords.

I pray for that from the bottom of my heart.

Let them arise, O Lord.

Let them rise.




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3:00 p.m

Chapel of DPS Letovice

Jaroslav Hašek 1082

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Peace with all that is

I bring you, my children, peace, the sevenfold peace of Mother Earth and Heavenly Father

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