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Peace with all that is

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I bring you, my children, peace, the sevenfold peace of Mother Earth and Heavenly Father

From the book of Essays on Jesus: Peace had seven Aspects for the Essayians: peace with the body, with the heavenly realm, with the earthly realm, with the University, with humanity, with relatives, and with the spirit. "I bring you, my children, peace, the sevenfold peace of Mother Earth and Heavenly Father. I bring peace to your body, which is guided by the Angel of Strength. I bring peace to your heart, which is guided by the Angel of Love. I bring peace to your Spirit, which is guided by the Angel of Wisdom . With the angels of strength, love and wisdom you may enter the seven paths of the Endless Garden. May your body, your heart and your spirit unite in the holy summer in the heavenly sea of peace. I tell you the truth - there are seven paths through the endless garden and each one must be walked in the unity of body, heart, and spirit, or you will stumble and fall into the abyss of Nothingness. Just as a bird cannot fly with one wing, so this bird needs the wisdom of both wings and strength and love to know how to soar across the abyss to the holy tree of life. Because the body itself is like an abandoned house that we see from afar: what we think is beautiful up close is desolate and empty, just as the body resembles the scales of gold, which their creator has placed on a pedestal so that they do not become dirty during use . Like the golden idol, it is ugly and unglamorous because it only reveals its purpose when used. Just as the window is empty darkness when the wind has blown out the candles, so the body is lonely when the heart and spirit do not fill it with light. And the heart itself is like the sun that does not shine on  Earth or light in the void, a warm ball that dissolves in the deep darkness of the sea. In the man who loves, love destroys itself, when there is no hand to do good, and no spirit to fan the flames of desire into the carpet of psalms. The heart itself is like faith in the desert, when neither body nor spirit leads it singing through the cypresses and pine groves. And the spirit itself is equal to the holy writings, which, worn by many years of use, must be covered up. The beauty and truth of his words remain the same, But eyes can no longer read the faded letters and he crumbles to pieces in his hands. Such is the spirit without a heart that lends it words and without a body that does its deeds. Because what is the point of wisdom without a sensitive heart and without a tongue that gives voice to it? Barren, the very spirit itself resembles the womb of an old woman, when the heart and body do not fill it with life."

- from the book "Angels of Atlantis", FE Eckard Strohm - - from the book "Unknown Essay Scrolls, Book 2", EB Székely- We ask for unity of body, spirit and soul... - and PEACE with all that is.

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