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Christian Essenian Church

"We believe in God, our loving Father. A God who considers people as his children. A Father who loves us and supports us in our development, without us feeling threats and punishments from His side.”  

We honor Jesus Christ as High Priest, Son of God and Savior. The Essene tradition teaches us, unlike other contemporary Christian traditions, that Jesus of Nazareth was born into an Essene family, raised by Essenes, married, and had children. None of these facts detract from his divine nature and role as Savior.

Reincarnation and Christianity?

The Church of Essen is the only one of the entire spectrum of Christian denominations that has maintained the principle of reincarnation, i.e. the repeated return of the soul and its "learning process" during many incarnations, in accordance with the original Christian communities and unlike other Christian churches. Why this is so and how this principle of reincarnation came to the early Christians, you can find out in more detail in another part of this website.

The mission of our church

The mission of the Essene Christian Church is to unite people who believe in one God and create a connection between them. All people have the same creator - the one God. And therefore there is only one Church of God.

Each religion, influenced by its origin and culture, corresponds to one point of view, one opinion on the omnipresence of God, and thus to one part of this one Church.

Against this background, the Essene Christian Church is understood as a connecting link of individual churches and confessions.

The faith of the Christian Church of Essen is based on the understanding of God as the loving Father of all people.

God created all people without exception as his children, and as a loving Father, he wants his children to respect and love each other.

The freedom of each individual is the highest value and the highest goal. It ends where it impinges on another person's freedom.

The Essen Christian Church understands each person as loved by God and his uniqueness as an expression of one aspect of God.


The Essay Christian Church understands love as the most powerful force in the Universe and as the only way to become a part of Christ, gain perfection and return to God.

The path to inner purity leads through understanding all other people.

Only through absolute trust in God can we be what we really are, a part of God.

Wars, murders and discrimination are considered by the Essene Christian Church to be an act against the will of God.

The Essen Christian Church confesses that we are all equal and we all have the same origin in God. 

What we strive for

Mediation of the original joyful Christian message according to the original meaning of the word "gospel", i.e. joyful message.

Celebrating services in their original form, where the central point is the community of love (Komenie = connection with the angels of Heaven and Earth).

Support of awareness of the community of people as one human family.

Tolerance, respect and acceptance of religion among each other.

Respect for God's work, i.e. for all people, other living creatures and plants and the rest of nature.

Respect for the personal spiritual, psychological and physical freedom of each person.

Leading to all-embracing love and absolute trust in God.

The development of an individual's personality and the expansion of his spiritual and religious consciousness.

The mission of the Essene Christian Church is not to restrict human freedom, but to support and make it visible.

That is why the Essay Christian Church values each person as a self-determining individuality.

The Essay Christian Church conveys the knowledge that we live to learn and further develop with the help of the learning processes we have previously chosen.

What we believe (CRÉDO)
  • We believe in the unity of the Universe with God.

  • We believe that all people, as children of God, are one big human family.

  • We believe in the trinity of God in the form of the Father, Christ and the Holy Spirit.

  • We believe in God, as a gracious Father.

  • We believe in the Holy Spirit, who represents the maternal part of the personality of God.

  • We believe in Mary - Mother of Jesus - Queen of Angels.

  • We believe and know about the existence of angels and their help for us

  • We believe in the person of Jesus, who in his human existence presented the power of Christ to an (until then) unknown extent, and therefore is rightly called the Son of God.

We profess the Ten Truths for the Age of Christ
  1.  You may know that you and I are one.

  2.  You may know that I AM your FATHER and MOTHER.

  3. You may live and love in communion with ME and all that is here.

  4. You may live in harmony with everything.

  5. You may elevate spirit over matter.

  6. May you continually walk in MY light.

  7. You may desire knowledge.

  8. May you free yourself from all human shackles and break the wheel of karma through knowledge.

  9. You may keep MY peace and quiet.

  10. You may honor the Earth and reshape it according to MY will.

We profess the Five Principles of God
  1. Principle of equality (acceptance)-the principle of equality is the task of recognizing that we are all equal, we all have the same origin (God).

  2. Purity Principle (Understanding) -the principle of purity is the task of knowing that we can only be "pure" if we have understanding for all other beings.

  3. The I AM principle (trust)- the I AM principle is the task of knowing that only thanks to absolute trust in God Himself can we be who we really are = a part of God.

  4. The principle of will (faith) -  the principle of will is the task of knowing that we, when we believe, understand that we ourselves have given permission to all our learning processes.

  5. Christ principle (love)- the christ principle is the task of recognizing that we are all parts of Christ through (through, thanks to) our love and only through love do we develop into completeness

podání ruky
Peace with all that is

I bring you, my children, peace, the sevenfold peace of Mother Earth and Heavenly Father

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