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Péče o duši

Soul care

Essene creed does not know the category of "sin".

We are not "sinful" people, but we are "fallible" people.

We do not appropriate the patent for the so-called "forgiveness of sins", as some other churches claim.

There is a vast difference between error and sin, as perceived by other Christian churches.

Understanding human life as one of the episodes in the learning processes of the soul, i.e. in the cycle of karma, the Essayists teach us to be responsible in every action so that we do not harm others not only consciously, but also, if possible, unconsciously.

Often with our actions we make mistakes even towards ourselves and therefore act against our own interest from the point of view of our path to perfection and final fusion with the Creator.

It doesn't mean that if we make the wrong decisions, we automatically end up in some hypothetical hell.

The curriculum of our Soul is built for each birth so that we gain diverse experiences during our lives and based on them make decisions in accordance with God's plan. If we don't, more and more difficult challenges and learning processes come our way.

If we can learn from our mistakes, we are well on our way to perfection. And that is the purpose of our existence in this material world.

In our prayers, we also ask for a constant awareness of the fact that our freedom ends where the freedom of another being begins.


Every person in the course of his life finds himself in situations with which he either does not know how to deal with or needs to be comforted.

We can help such a person to understand why he is in such a situation and direct him to possible solutions.

There are always more options to solve a personal problem. Each of them opens the door to a slightly different future.

Which door the seeker chooses is his free choice. We are here to help show him that door.

Spiritální pomoc

Spiritual help

In order to provide effective spiritual help, it is useful to know the state of health from the point of view of Western medicine (presumed diagnosis), as well as cooperation with the affected person or their closest relatives.

We have knowledge of the possible spiritual causes of problems and diseases.

We also have the qualifications and tools to help spiritually in these cases.

We decide to perform spiritual techniques very responsibly, only after obtaining all the necessary information, because the person's interest comes first for us.

Our help is always free.

Požehnání a obřady

Blessings and Ceremonies

The basic form of our celebration of God is the church services, which we call the "fellowship of love". How else to call the meeting of God's children with our Creator?

In the presence of God's other children, we want to rejoice together in the fact that we know Him and know about His love for all of us without exception.

Our church and our entire liturgy is closely connected with the action of the Holy Spirit. In all these sacraments, the mercy of our beloved Father comes to us through the Holy Spirit. The priest's connection with the Holy Spirit is therefore particularly strong.


During the communion of love, during the Eucharist, we ask God to send His love into the bread and wine through the Holy Spirit.

We use non-alcoholic grape juice during services so that believers who cannot drink alcohol for health or religious reasons can participate in the Eucharist. Of course, this also applies to children.


In the calendar of the liturgical year, however, we also have days that are a bit more solemn in that we remember significant events in the history of our Church or significant circumstances in our ancient Essay tradition that is more than two thousand years old. Yes, you read that right, the Essenes started writing the history of their communities several centuries before the birth of Jesus of Nazareth, whom we know today as Jesus Christ.

More on that in the sectionHISTORY AND TRADITION.


It is customary for the celebrants to give all participants of the communion the opportunity to receive various kinds of blessings during or after the services. As a rule, this is done in the form of placing the hands of the priest on the recipient's head.

The purpose of the blessing is to strengthen the blessed on his way to knowledge or to ask the Holy Spirit for his healing.

The Essen tradition of baptism is very strong and well-founded, because every Christian knows that John the Baptist, the Essen Master, baptized Jesus in the Jordan River.

For us, baptism is not a ritual of acceptance as a member of the church, but we understand it as a spiritual baptism, during which we ask the Holy Spirit for his action.


  We perform three types of baptism:


  • Holy Water Baptism (Integrative Baptism)

  • Baptism of the Holy Spirit

  • Baptism with light

At the baptism with light, the Holy Spirit brings the mercy of our beloved Father and at the same time the light of Christ.

By accepting our invitation to worship, or any of our blessings, including baptism, no commitment or membership in our church is created.

As a free Divine Being, you are free to come to our meetings and just as free to leave back to your community.

Kde je nás třeba

We operate where we are needed

We worship where needed.

We go to hold services in various places throughout the country. We also served abroad several times. We just need a suitable place, for example in nature, in the ruins of a medieval castle. In the place where it stood in the history of the chapel. In these places, together with you, we experience the presence of God and His love.

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