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Peace with all nature

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Man still lives by the (misunderstood) motto: "Conquer the Earth...".

Man still lives by the (misunderstood) motto: "Subdue the Earth..." This phrase from the Bible is repeatedly misapplied as an authority on nature and the environment, just like animals, shamefully abused without meaning or reason. Man no longer understands himself as a part of nature, but feels stronger and transforms it according to his ideas, or fights with it - as the cause of disasters, such as storms, floods,... Man sees only one sense of using nature to satisfy his needs ; for material well-being. Natural peoples, such as the North American Indians, treat Her differently: they receive vast knowledge from Her, use it appropriately, always to the extent that their immediate requirements require it. They always give thanks for what they take and give Her in return. They pay attention to the values of nature and see in it the Mother who keeps us alive. What the "Civilized" conquerors perceive as savagery is often the wise and reasonable treatment of God's creation. For the Essenes, too, nature was a Mother who cared for all earthly needs; It was not a force that destroys and must be subdued. The unity of nature and man was a fundamental principle of knowledge during the life of the Essenes. It allowed them, in accordance with the laws of nature, to achieve great advantages. Peace - harmony with nature and the environment means that we are aware that we are God's creation along with nature and animals, nothing more and nothing less. We learn to recognize God also in nature, which is perfect. We learn to care for nature and its protection. We learn to put our egoistic interests in the background and guide our actions accordingly.

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