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Peace with God

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"Dear God, why have you forsaken me?" How often have we heard this statement?

"Dear God, why have you forsaken me?" How often have we heard this statement? "Why should I believe in Him? When I needed Him, He didn't listen to me, He didn't help me. He doesn't exist!" Turning away from God is obvious...! Why? Because God didn't hear? Because he wasn't there when we needed him? Because he didn't react the way we expected? When we turn to God, we have certain expectations. Often this happens in a situation where we suffer, when we are afraid, when we do not see a way out. But we have an idea of how it should be right... And we connect this idea with our request to God. Our prayer is influenced by Expectation. And when God does not fulfill this expectation, then, unfortunately, turning away from Him often follows. Did God really not hear us? – Or is it just our expectation of what His help should look like? God is in us! We are part of it! Would he really go deaf? Would he really let someone just suffer? Or will God arrange his help as it is right for the person in question? Right, because everyone has planned their own learning processes, put together a personal soul plan? Because each individual agreed to what befell him? To be at peace with God is to know that God is our loving Father who is in us, guides us and fulfills our wishes. In the way we planned before birth, in the state of Soul itself, in the state of true awareness of what is good for us... and what we need to learn and how to develop. Everyone knows that in times of need,   suffering and illness comes catharsis - purification. Suffering and illness often lead us to change, to change direction, to adopt new perspectives. And we think differently! When we believe that God will fulfill our every desire to help us walk our chosen path, then we know that God will carry us and love us. Then again, full of expectations, we turn to God, but already in the knowledge of God's love and readiness to accept help in the form provided. Keeping peace with GOD means confessing: Lord, let your will be done! In the beginning was the Spirit of the Lord, and the Lord created light…

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