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Peace with yourself

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Who does not know a situation where he is dissatisfied with himself?

Who does not know a situation where he is dissatisfied with himself? Does he compare himself and others, exaggerate and find out who else is much better? Or there are situations that we are ashamed of and would prefer if they didn't happen at all. And this list is growing. Behind all of this is the (alleged) personal belief that we have acted wrongly. We did something wrong. We are not good enough! Peace with yourself means seeing yourself as a part of God, we are each a unique part of the God who created us and who breathed Christ's power into us through our soul. When I am aware that I am a ray of light, that I am a ray of God, unique, which is not anywhere else in the world and will not be, then I know: As I am, I am real! What I have done, I have planned with another in my life plan to support myself and others in the material world on the path to perfection. I said "Yes" to everything I did and that happened to me. I was and am ready to learn. As an individual in matter and as part of God. The more this part of God radiates from me, the more space my soul will have, and the more awareness I will have to walk my path and go through my learning tasks. The key to PEACE is love: we can love because God loves us and gifts us with his love every day. Self-peace and self-love is the beginning  for “Peace with all that is!” – I am me! I am!

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