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Peace with family, friends and colleagues

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To make peace is to elevate "liking" over "being right."

We were born into our family. We have a father, a mother, maybe siblings, grandparents, uncles, aunts, cousins... We choose our friends. We have to accept our colleagues, as they are... Acceptance into the family is usually loving and accompanied by joy at the arrival of a new inhabitant of the Earth. But what if it isn't? When the arrival is unwanted, or even without love? When over time misunderstandings arise in the family or with friends and colleagues that cannot be removed? When doubts, mistrust and discord with fellow humans rule? When "I can't forgive" does that determine my daily life? To make peace is also to recognize that we ourselves have agreed to all of our learning processes. This is mostly concluded in our families, because it is our FAMILY that accompanies us since childhood, that shapes us, supports us (or not), that teaches us Behavior, gives us the basis for starting life. Making Peace means knowing your own part in the unrest and consciously coming to others. But it also means accepting if cohabitation is not desirable... and yet being there with an open heart for others, accepting that decision. To make peace is to elevate "liking" over "being right." By combining positive thoughts and feelings brought by love, we create  a foundation for health, strength and joy in life.

He who has made peace with his brothers has entered the realm of love and will see God in person. Recognize this peace with your spirit, desire this peace  with your heart, fill this peace with your body."

- from the book "Unknown Essay Scrolls, Book 2", EB Székely

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