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Peace between religions

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Can there really be such a thing as peace between religions?

Can there really be such a thing as peace between religions? People have always been judged for their faith, Condemned, fought and killed. And all this, as a rule, in the name of God. How is it possible? We are all children of one God who created man, animals and nature - as God would say: "Worship me, pray to me and call on me in your own way is the only right thing ". We humans decide how we imagine God. Each to his own in his own way. And so God is depicted in the various religions and their individual expressions in all of his wholeness of multiplicity and perfection. And he loves us all—without EXCEPTION—just as we are. Then how could one be better than another? How could just be his way Worship God the right one? So how can war be waged "in the name of God"? What father would think it right For his children to kill each other? Even while arguing about who loves him the right way? Peace with religion is to know that we are all part  of one human family, we are brothers and sisters. It is like in our own family: I don't have to understand and consider good in another what he does, and yet can i love him and s fuss over him. Regardless of how he imagines God, how he calls him and how he prays to him. And together with him I can worship our Father, Each in his own way, each in his own prayers. And so understanding and love for each other grows, because we are all united in one great goal: to return to our common Father.

"Just as different streams, having their sources in different places, pour their waters together into the sea, so, O Lord, the different paths that men walk, with different slopes, so different are they, so winding or straight, they go together to you. "

 - from India –

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