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Peace with animals

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Animals are brothers and sisters of humans

Animals are brothers and sisters of humans. Not only do they have souls, but they are perfect souls. They help us in carrying out our learning tasks. They are part of God's creation along with humans and plants. The way we treat animals therefore has an immediate Impact on us as humans. Animals are massively abused in the economy, due to the thirst for profit and the delusion of humans that they are the "crown of creation" so that they can make decisions about all living things on Earth. From there, it's just a step to torture and kill people too. The habitat of many animals is threatened by polluted environment and climate change; It is decreasing or disappearing completely, as is the case, for example, in the Arctic, the habitat of polar bears. Every single animal species that dies out means that one aspect of the divine creation disappears irretrievably. One part that is then missing for perfect harmony. We will not be able to prevent some things, but with our awareness, our prayers and through supplications we can contribute to the change of human consciousness. To remember the partnership between man and animal. It is not necessary to be or become a vegetarian, but it is important to be careful with the consumption of meat and fish, to know the measure, to pay attention to quality and proper processing, to give thanks for the gifts of animals and to bless them. With its power, this blessing affects the origin of the meat, the animals, and helps to improve their living conditions. Peace with animals means accepting them as our brothers, thanking them for what they willingly do for us, and begging their forgiveness for the things we humans do to them.

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