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Peace with the world

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There is no peace between nations without peace between religions

There is no peace between nations without peace between religions. No peace between religions without inter-religious dialogue. No interreligious dialogue without a global ethical standard. There is no survival of our Earth without a global ethos, a world ethos." - "Finding Footsteps, World Religions on the Way",

Hans Kung

Every society, every religion is superior to the basic values that influence or determine the social and private life of a person. Whether they are only within the framework of society and care for the family, as is widespread in Africa and Asia, or is it a commandment of true humanity coming from  Confucianism or from the Ten Commandments of Judaism, or love of neighbor in Christianity, to name a few at least some. All of them are an expression of the human desire for peaceful, harmonious coexistence in mutual care and tolerance. Even in Islam there is this idea: "Wish for people what you wish for yourselves, so that you may become Muslims," says the prophecy of Muhammad. This is the potential of peace that can unite people: the re-awareness of one's own and common values and the understanding that violence is no solution to conflicts, but always provokes new violence. Therefore, world peace can only occur if social differences are reduced. Already the Essenes saw poverty as well as wealth as deviations from God's laws. Both are only happening because people are exploiting other people. In a global sense, it is more relevant than ever. Production will be outsourced to so-called "low-wage countries", in which the workforce produces products for consumers in poor health and social conditions and receives only the lowest possible wages. Business profits should be equally reduced, otherwise cheaper and socially weaker labor will always be sought. This leads to the fact that Child Labor is still the standard on our planet and not an exception. This is how we exploit our own future - the children of this world - instead of considering their right to education, age-appropriate maturation, growth and freedom. Peace with the world means being aware of the common values of people, and therefore a culture without violence and with the worship of all living things, a culture of partnership between people of different sexes, religious affiliation, social origin and nationality, a culture of solidarity and justice, thereby achieving tolerance and truthfulness.

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