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Peace with Mother Earth

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Man is a child of Mother Earth, he receives his entire body from her.

"Man is a child of Mother Earth, he receives his whole body from her. Just as the body of a newborn comes from his mother's womb, so you are One with your Mother Earth. She is also in you and you are in her. She gave birth to you, in her you live and you will return to her again. Therefore obey Her laws, for no man can live or be long happy unless he honors his Mother Earth and obeys her laws. For your breath is her breath, your blood is her blood, your bones are hers bones, your flesh is her flesh, your eyes and ears are her eyes and ears. Our Mother Earth! She always holds us in her arms, she always surrounds us with Her beauty, we can never be separated from her, we can never know her depths."

– from the book "From the Lost Scrolls of the Essayists, Book 3", EB Székely –

This is how the Essenes aptly described the unity with Mother Earth as the feminine principle of God. This is impressive on two counts: Not only did they know of this principle as an addition to the Fatherly aspect of God - something that is denied in many religions to this day. Moreover, they clearly show how important it is for us humans to live this unity with this feminine aspect of God with Mother Earth. By working daily with Mother Earth's angels during the week - with Earth Angel, Life Angel, Joy Angel, Sun Angel, Water Angel and Air Angel - they learned to perceive and deepen these laws of Mother Earth. Being at peace with Mother Earth means that I am aware that my body is one part of her. In this way, we learn to automatically and sparingly treat natural resources as well, such as water, food, air, etc. We also learn to find ourselves and apply the appropriate amount of activity and rest. Knowing that everything I do - as part of Mother Earth - has an impact on the overall Earth system in a negative, but also a positive sense. Therefore, each of us can, by our own example, through our life in harmony with Mother Earth, contribute a large part to the healing of the Earth.

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