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Peace  "Mary, grant us your peace"

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Thank you, Marie. Thank you for being here. Thank you for being our Mother.

"Thank you, Mary. Thank you for being here. Thank you for being our Mother. You are the Mother of the Church - You are the Mother of the world. But the world does not know it yet. It does not know that you are here. But he is waiting for you, the world needs. The world over the abyss needs your love, it needs your support. The world in the dark needs your glow. It needs your light. The world full of misery needs your understanding. It needs your hands. hate needs your goodness, It needs your love, which is the emanation of the love of the eternal God. Amen." - Th. Again –

Mary assures us that if we are her worshippers, she counts us among her Children, covers us with her cloak, includes us with blessings for us in this world, so that we can then reach paradise." - Don Bosco -


In addition, Mary symbolizes perfect, pure devotion and the ability to conceive. Through his image, he can teach us  the perfection of turning to God. There is one place in each of us that is pure and clear, cleansed of corruption and error, often completely hidden in our deepest depths within. With the room we ask Mary for, we can make this place discoverable and penetrated. Mary, as a loving mother, embracing, warming and giving birth, guiding and protecting us on this journey. And so we manage, through the connection with our inner, pure core, to let go again and again of our self, our human will, which often stands in the way of our personal development, and fully surrender to God "Let it be done to me according to your will." That doesn't mean we give up on ourselves. However, this is how we find our true Self, unfettered by fear, wishes and hopes. Peace will reign in us. This helps us to have absolute freedom and independence in everything we are and do. Because we are convinced that our reborn Self is in full harmony with God's SELF. That way we will become the light of peace for other people as well.

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